Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week's topic links

Toyota Uses, Attacks Media

Marisa Guthrie, Broadcasting & Cable: "ABC Affiliates Criticize Decision to Pull Local Toyota Spots"

Drew Griffin, David Fitzpatrick and Steve Turnham, CNN: "Toyota recalls may not solve problem, experts say"

Lisa Twaronite's This Week in Japan, MarketWatch: "Toyota hearings on ice"

Bond vs. Obama on Terrorism Politics

New Video in Heitholt Murder

Erickson Statement from KOMU News on Vimeo.

Alexandra Swoyer, "Erickson Takes Back Testimony" (includes full video and pdf of Erickson's statement from prison)

Brennan David, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Murderer changes his story"

Chris Hamby, Columbia Missourian: "Key Witness Recants in Ryan Ferguson Case"

Super Ads

Stuart Elliot, The New York Times: "Do-It-Yourself Super Ads"

Robin Abcarian, The Los Angeles Times: "Tebow ad falls short of the hype"

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