Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This week's story links

New York Post: The original Sean Delonas cartoon (choose February 18 from the menu)

New York Post: "That Cartoon" -- the apology (sort of) plus reader comments

New York Post: "Statement from Rupert Murdoch" (publisher of the Post)

Huffington Post: Good summary of those who criticized the cartoon and the paper

Michelle Malkin: "Going ape over the NYPost" (conservative blogger's reaction plus links and reader comments)

New York Daily News: "Spike Lee wants boycott of New York Post over chimpanzee cartoon"

Washington Post: "Monkey Business: The good news for men: Women love apes"

Washington Post: "Editor's Note" apologizing for Monkey Business column

Washington Post: "Chatalogical Humor" -- transcript of live chat with columnist Gene Weingarten calling the apology a mistake

Washington City Paper: "What's Up with WaPo's Ape Editor's Note?"

Newsweek: Sharon Begley's column "Why Pundits Get Things Wrong"

New York Times: "Libel Suit Against The Times Ends" (check Editor's Note and Statement from Iseman's Lawyers as well)

Politico: "Iseman to Politico: The Times lied"

Columbia Daily Tribune: "Belcher eager for new position"

Columbia Missourian/KBIA-FM: "The Beat: Superintendent candidates take questions at forums"

Midwest Innocence Project blog: "Josh Kezzer freed after more than 16 years" (reprint of AP report by Alan Scher Zagier)

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