Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This week's topic links

Room for Rock Center?

David Carr, The New York Times: "NBC Anchor Broadens His Portfolio"

Lisa de Moraes, The Washington Post: "Ted Koppel added to NBC's 'Rock Center with Brian Williams'"

Kathi Goertzen, KOMO-TV: "Ted Koppel: Broadcast news becoming 'degrading' to Americans"

David Bauder, Associated Press: "New life in television's evening news"

Measuring "Positive" and "Negative" News Coverage

KeachHagey, Politico: "Pew: Media not in love with Obama"

Pew Research Center's Project For Excellence in Journalism: "How News Media and Blogs Have Eyed the Presidential Contenders During the First Phase of the 2012 Race"

Newspapers Up, Down or In Between?

Larry Kilman, World Association of Newspapers: "World Press Trends: Newspapers Still Reach More Than Internet"

Steve Myers and Jeff Sonderman, "New York Times' buyouts, contract negotiations show newsroom shift to Web"

Chris Reidy, " launches as a subscription-only website tomorrow"

Martin Peers, The Wall Street Journal: "News Corp. Braces for Flak"

Sports Journalism Under the Microscope in Boston

Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic: "Inside Baseball: The Boston Red Sox and Sports Journalism"

Bob Hohler, Boston Globe: "Inside the Collapse"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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This week's topic links

Protecting Students or Faculty from Embarrassment? 


Janese Silvey, Columbia Daily Tribune: "UM might limit recordings during class"

Caitlin Swieca, The Maneater: "Faculty Council discusses statement on academic freedom"

Caitlin Dickson, The Atlantic: "Brietbart Video Claims University of Missouri Teaches Labor Violence" "U of Missouri Epic Fail: No Amount of Context Can Defend Judy Ancel"

Unedited videos of Ancel and Giljum's class not available online and UM has refused to release them.

See full text of draft UM policy below.

In Death, Steve Jobs Gets Full Fanboy Treatment

ABC News: Good Morning America's first 30 minutes on 10/6 devoted entirely to Jobs

Paul Farhi, The Washington Post: "Steve Jobs and the media: For the most part, it was a love affair"

Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal: "The Steve Jobs I Knew"

Huffington Post: "Steve Jobs Dead: News Sites Devote Major Coverage to Passing of Apple Visionary"

Hamilton Nolan, "Steve Jobs Was Not God"

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, "Depicting Steve Jobs in the afterlife"

Daryl Cagle, The Cagle Post, Cartoons & Commentary: "Steve Jobs RIP"

Fewer Long Stories in WSJ: So What?

Ryan Chittum, Columbia Journalism Review: "The Shorter-Form Journal"

UM Classroom Recording Policy: Draft discussed at 10/6/11 MU Faculty Council Meeting


The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri long ago adopted a statement emphasizing the importance of academic freedom as it relates to faculty members.  That statement, found at Section 310.010 of the Collected Rules and Regulations, expresses the view that academic freedom of its academic staff is “indispensable to the success of the University of Missouri in fulfilling its obligations to its students and to society”.  However, that statement does not address, in any significant way, the importance of academic freedom for students of the University of Missouri. 

It is vitally important for the University of Missouri to foster and maintain an educational environment which promotes free discussion, inquiry and expression by students, both inside the course and out, without fear that their exercise of such rights will have negative repercussions in areas over which the University of Missouri has responsibility.  It is equally important that students understand the narrow line separating their first amendment rights and the legal and privacy rights of others so that students can exercise those rights with responsibility. 

In the Course—
Information about student views, beliefs, and political associations that fellow students acquire in the context of course discussions should be handled responsibly by those fellow students with sensitivity to the potential that dissemination of information about such fellow students may be perceived as defamatory and/or may subject them to ridicule, harassment or reprisal from those who do not agree with the views, beliefs or political associations expressed in the course.
The professor in the course and in conference should encourage free discussion, inquiry, and expression. Student performance should be evaluated solely on an academic basis, not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards.
Information about student views, beliefs, and political associations that faculty members acquire in the context of course discussions should be handled responsibly with sensitivity to the potential that dissemination of information about students may be perceived as defamatory and/or may subject them to ridicule, harassment or reprisal from those who do not agree with the views, beliefs or political associations expressed in the course. Protection against improper disclosure is a serious professional obligation.
Restrictions on Disclosure and Distribution—
To foster a safe environment for learning, the unauthorized copying, editing, and redistribution of recordings of statements or comments in the course  in any form are prohibited without the written permission of the faculty engaged in the course.  Unauthorized copying or distribution of such materials is a violation of academic standards and may violate copyright laws and/or privacy rights.  Students found to have violated this policy are subject to discipline in accordance with the provisions of Section 200.020 of the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri pertaining to student conduct matters.   Faculty and staff found to have violated this policy are subject to discipline in accordance with applicable University policies. 
Student Records—
The federal Family Educational Rights and Policy Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C.§1232g, and the University of Missouri’s policy on student records, Section 180.020 and Section 180.025 of the Collected Rules and Regulations, describe student rights of access and rights of privacy which a student can expect with regard to his or her education records.  That law and University policy applies whether those education records are in hard copy, are electronically stored or are contained along with other images either recorded or broadcast in connection with courses available online or through distance learning.  The content of such education records should not be shared with individuals, other than individuals who have been determined by the University of Missouri to have an educational need to know, except in accordance with the provisions of FERPA and University policy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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This week's topic links

Who Are the Wall Street Occupiers?


Sean Firko, Huffington Post: "Occupy Wall Street: Inarticulate Nonsense or Real Politics?" "Live Coverage: Occupy Wall Street"

Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor: "'Occupy Wall Street': Why this revolution isn't made for TV"

David Weidner, Wall Street Journal: "Facebook Chronicles A Lost Generation: Most of the Battered Young Are Waiting For Someone Else to Change the System"

The Iranian Pastor and Mainstream Religion Coverage

Terry Mattingly, "Got news? One doomed Iranian pastor (ho hum)"

Jijo Jacob, International Business Times: "Iran Accuses Nadarkhani of Rape, 'Zionist' Treason, but Execution Not 'Imminent'"

Google News links for search on "Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani"

New NPR Boss Hopes to Tamp Down Controversy

David Folkenflik, NPR: "NPR Turns to Public Television For New Leader"

Brent Lang, The Wrap: "CEO Gary Knell: 'We Must Depoliticize National Public Radio'"

Too Much Transparency?

Iowa City Press-Citizen: "UI Hospitals employee arrested for theft" (be sure to read comments)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This week's topic links

Columbia's Opinion-Meisters

Mike Martin, The Columbia Heart Beat: "Columbia's Top Ten: Most influential public opinion leaders"

Two New Studies of Media Use and Credibility

Pew Research Center: "How People Learn About Their Local Community"

Pew Research Center: "Press Widely Criticized, But Trusted More than Other Sources of Information"

Giving 'Both Sides': Fair, Fearful or Lazy?

Jay Rosen, PressThink blog: "If 'he said, she said' journalism is irretrievably lame, what's better?"

Edward Schumacher-Matos, NPR Ombudsman: "'Lowest Form of Journalism' or Constructive and Fair?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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"Confidence Men," "The Rogue" and Claims of Shoddy Journalism

Jack Mirkinson, The Huffington Post: "Mike Bzezinski, Ron Suskind Clash Over 'Confidence Men' Allegations"

Andre Tartar, New York Magazine: "White House Seeks to Undermine Suskind's 'Ineffectual Obama' Book"

Keach Hagey, Politico: "Ron Suskind fights back on Obama book"

Janet Maslin, The New York Times: "Sarah Palin Could See This Guy From Her House"

Beth Fouhy, Associated Press: "Author's Palin tell-all tells too little others haven't told"

Molly Ball, Politico: "Sarah Palin is defended by 'lamestream media'"

Enabling the Shame

Taylor Branch, The Atlantic: "The Shame of College Sports"

Unheeded Warnings

Kevin Murphy, Reuters: "Many failed to heed Joplin tornado warnings, report says"

Andrew Revkin, The New York Times Dot Earth blog: "Unheeded Tornado Warnings Just One Lesson from Joplin"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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This week's topic links

Bachmann Repeats Bogus Vaccine Claim

Bachmann appears on Sean Hannity radio program, 9/13

Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post: "Bachmann claims HPV vaccine might cause 'mental retardation'"

Domenico Montanaro, NBC News: "Fact Check: No evidence to suggest HPV vaccine causes 'mental retardation'"

Scott Hensley, NPR: "Pediatricians Fact-Check Bachmann's Bashing of HPV Vaccine"

(from 2008) Missouri School of Journalism: "Missouri School of Journalism Senior Makes Worldwide Impact with 14-part Autism Series on KOMU"

(from 2008) Huntly Collins, McClatchy Newspapers: "'Autism's False Prophets': defending vaccines in the debate"

Ben Howe, "Bachmann Stayed Quiet on Mandatory Vaccinations While Serving Minnesota"

Laura Bassett, The Huffington Post: "Rick Perry's HPV Vaccine Law Sparks Political Fight That Ignores Health Issues"

Krugman: Dishes But Can't Take Criticism

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "The Years of Shame"

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "More About the 9/11 Anniversary"

Eric Wemple, The Washington Post: "Paul Krugman's comment-stifling: cowardly and smug"

Marty Richman, Hollister (CA) Free Lance: "Paul Krugman, intellectual coward"

Nick Greene, The Village Voice: "Paul Krugman's 9/11 Blog Post is Baffling"

Noreen Malone, New York Magazine: "Cats, Music Videos, Flame Wars: Paul Krugman Is Very, Very Bloggy"

More 9/11 Media Moments

Paul Farhi, The Washington Post: "Sept. 11, 2011: An anniversary dissected in the media unlike any other"

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: "9/11 Commemorations Capture Public Attention

Etc., Etc.

"David Schaper, NPR: "Judge Orders Journalism School To Turn Over Emails"

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News: "Diane Sawyer secures first sit-down interview with Gabrielle Giffords"

Next Media (Taiwan) Animation of Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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This week's topic links

Newspaper Partners Attack WikiLeaks

Jason Ukman, Washington Post: "WikiLeaks suffers major breach, prompting accusations and a theory on what went wrong"

Daniel Politi, Slate: "Anger Grows at WikiLeaks for Posting All Cables"

Christian Stöcker, Spiegel Online International: "A Dispatch Disaster in Six Acts"

Paul Marks, New Scientist: "Assange: Why WikiLeaks was right to release raw cables"

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "Facts and myths in the WikiLeaks/Guardian saga"

James Ball, The Guardian: "Why I felt I had to turn my back on WikiLeaks"

James Harkin, The Independent: "Assange is deluded about power"

9/11 Ten Years On

Jeremy W. Peters and Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "Media Strive to Cover 9/11 Without Seeming to Exploit a Tragedy"

Brian Steinberg, Advertising Age: "Marketers Tread Carefully Into Sept. 11 Anniversary"

NowPublic: "Worst 9/11 Ads for September 11 10-Year Anniversary"

Brett J. Blackledge and David B. Caruso, The Associated Press: "Some 9/11 charities failed miserably"

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: "United in Remembrance, Divided over Policies"

(Slight?) Exaggerations

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: "Most Plan to Watch Obama Jobs Speech"

Jim Romenesko, "'I need to work this journalism internship around my Pizza Hut schedule'"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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This week's topic links

Irene Coverage: Hype or Help?

Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor: "Category 5 hype: Did nonstop coverage of hurricane Irene save lives?"

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "A Hurricane of Hype"

Jamie Dupree, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Hurricane Relief Politics"

Alysia Santo, Columbia Journalism Review: "After Irene: How a Hyperlocal is Helping"

Out of Hiding

David Green, NPR: "BBC's 'Tripoli Witness' Comes Out of Hiding"

Rana Jawad, BBC News: "'Tripoli witness' recounts life in hiding"

Trust, Don't Verify

Jessica Smith, KOMU-TV: "IBM Refuses to Release Hiring Information"

Jacob Barker, Columbia Daily Tribune: "IBM shows off new facility: Firm is mum on workforce size."

Kris Hilgedick, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Officials quiet on IBM opening: Company won't say how many are hired."

Molly Bullock, Columbia Missourian: "Nixon, IBM executive talk jobs at ceremony"

Dave Griggs (Chairman of REDI, Inc.), Columbia Daily Tribune: "Cooperation drives positive opportunities"

Jodie Jackson, Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Union group claims IBM jobs 'shifted'"

Jodie Jackson, Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Troubled Waters"

George Kennedy, Columbia Missourian: "IBM 'public hearing' mix of mutual congratulation, unanswered questions"

PR Newswire: "Dubuque, Iowa and IBM Combine Analytics, Cloud Computing and Community Engagement to Conserve Water"

Mike Glover, Associated Press: "President Obama brings rural economic development message to prosperous corner of Iowa"

Outing Jobs' Successor

Felix Salmon, Reuters: "Don't ignore Tim Cook's sexuality"

Ken Fisher, Ars Technica: "Does the press have an ethical duty to out powerful gays in tech?"

Nicholas Jackson, The Atlantic: "To Be the Most Powerful Gay Man in Tech, Cook Needs to Come Out"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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This week's topic links

Former Murdoch Editor Alleges Cover-Up

Nick Davies, The Guardian: "Phone hacking: News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up"

Ryan Chittum, Columbia Journalism Review: "Damning New Evidence in the News Corp. Hacking Scandal"

Joe Pompeo, Yahoo! News: "U.S. phone-hacking fallout looking more unlikely"

Bad Rules for Blunting Bad Behavior?

Daniel B. Wood, Christian Science Monitor: "BART puts social media crackdown in 'uncharted' legal territory"

James Rainey, Los Angeles Times: "Social media crackdown?  It'd be more than unsociable"

Robert Andrews, Paid Content: "Social Media's Mob: Disconnected From Riots' Reality?"

Jeffrey Collins, AP: "Tobacco companies file lawsuit over warning labels"

Social Media and Rumors

KOMU-TV News Director Stacey Woelfel's memo to staff as rumors flew about Texas A&M moving to SEC

David Briggs, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Some reporters burned by itchy Twitter fingers"

Katie Moritz, Columbia Missourian: "Wild Brad chase: Tweets spark campuswide search for actor Pitt"

"The Queen of Rage"& the "Unelectable" Snub

Elizabeth Flock, The Washington Post: "Newsweek Michele Bachmann cover 'sexist' and in bad form?"

Toby Harnden, The Telegraph: "Fried food and retail politics at the Iowa State Fair"

Roger Simon, Politico: "Ron Paul remains media poison"

Asher Smith, Huffington Post: "Ron Paul Has Not Been 'Shafted' by the Media"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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This week's topic links

Cameron, Murdochs In the Hotseat

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BBC News: "Phone-hacking: Cameron's 'regret' over hiring Coulson"

Cassell Bryan-Low and Paul Sonne, The Wall Street Journal: "Murdochs Are Grilled"

Nick Davies, The Guardian: "Behind Rupert and James Murdoch's gloss, an intensely serious defence"

James Delingpole, The Daily Telegraph: "The Murdochalypse: break and circuses"

NPR: "Tina Brown's Must Reads: Reckoning With Rupert"

Roger Cohen, The New York Times: "In Defense of Murdoch"

Andy fixmer, Ronald Grover and Jeffrey McCracken, Bloomberg: "News Corp. Said to Consider Elevating Chase Carey to CEO"

Murdoch = More Media Regulation?

Mike Collett-White, Reuters: "UK media ponders changes hacking scandal may bring"

Iain Overton, Huffington Post UK: "Analysis: Why Press Reform Could Inhibit Investigative Journalism"

Josh Smith, National Journal: "News Corp. Scandal Adds Fuel To U.S. Media Ownership Debate"

John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable: "News Corp. Fallout: Rep. Bono Mack Seeks Privacy Info From NCTA, Others"

Editorial Board, The Washington Post: "Don't let the response to News of the World go too far" "Ownership Chart: The Big Six"

WSJ: Dodging the Hacking Taint

Review & Outlook, The Wall Street Journal: "News and Its Critics: A tabloid's excesses don't tarnish thousands of other journalists."

Robert L. Pollack, The Wall Street Journal: "The Murdoch Empire -- An Inside View"

Joe Nocera, The New York Times: "The Journal Becomes Fox-ified"

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: "Wall Street Journal Staffers Push Back: We're Not 'Fox-ified'"

Charles M. Madigan, Chicago Tribune: "Can journalism survive Murdoch?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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This week's topic links

Hacking Scandal Kills British Tabloid

David Folkenflik, NPR: "Guardian Reporter Rocks Murdoch Empire"

David Carr, The New York TImes: "A Tabloid Shame, Exposed by Earnest Rivals"

Carl Bernstein, Newsweek: "Murdoch's Watergate?"

Simon Dumenco, Advertising Age: "Life After Rupert's Reign: What Will Happen in a Post-Murdoch World?"

Dana Cimilluca and Alistair MacDonald, The Wall Street Journal: "In Turmoil, News Corp. Pivots on BSkyB"

Sky News: "News Corporation Withdraws Bid for BSkyB"

Christopher Hitchens, Slate: "Scandal Sheets"

Elliot Spitzer, Slate: "Prosecute News Corp."

Dow Jones NewsWire: "UK Cameron: Hacking Inquiry Must Be As Robust As Possible"

Peter Wilby, The Guardian: "We shouldn't rejoice in the death of the News of the World"

Who Needs a Laptop?

Aaron Smith, Pew Internet & American Life Project: "Smartphone Adoption and Usage"

Lucia Moses, Adweek: "Philly Papers to Sell Android Tablets"

Briefly: Photoshopped Out of a Job & Relevance of Race

Steve Myers, Romenesko: "AP drops freelance photographer who Photoshopped his shadow out of image"

Columbia Daily Tribune: "Police say shooting was gang-related"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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This week's topic links

Casey, Nancy and the Big Surprise

Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Daily News: "Convicted by viewers, not jurors"

Lucas Shaw, Reuters: "Casey Anthony trial turned into media frenzy"

James Poniewozik, Time: "Casey Anthony is Acquitted; the Media Trial Is Just Beginning"

T. J. Stanley, Los Angeles Times: "Cable TV, social media fuel Casey Anthony trial fascination"

Brian Stelter and Jenna Wortham, New York Times: "Watching a Trial on TV, Discussing It on Twitter"

DSK: A Rush to Judgment?

Karen Freifeld, Bloomberg: "Strauss-Kahn Prosecutors to Decide 'Responsible Thing to Do' in Sex Case"

Steven Erlanger, New York Times: "French See Case Against Strauss-Kahn as American Folly"

Maureen Dowd, New York Times: "When a Predator Collides With a Fabricator"

Amy Davidson, The New Yorker: "What Strauss-Kahn And His Accuser Risked"

Dorian Davis, The Daily Caller: "The media blew the Strauss-Kahn story"

Richard Prince, Maynard Institute: "Quiet Issue: Naming the Maid in DSK Case"

Miles Mogulescu, Huffington Post: "Did Strauss-Kahn Sexually Assault the Hotel Maid? Let the Jury Decide"

David Gauthier-Villars, Wall Street Journal: "Attempted Rape Complaint Against Strauss-Kahn Filed in France"

Government Hit on Pakistani Journalist?

Jane Perlez and Eric Schmitt, New York Times: "Pakistan's Spies Tied to Slaying of a Journalist"

Omar Waraich, Time: "Risky Business: When Pakistani Journalists Take On the ISI"

Rahul Jacob, Farhan Bokhari, Matthew Green and Daniel Dombey, The Financial Times: "US urged to reveal details of murder"

News Corp Under Attack

Matthew J. Schwartz, Information Week: "Fox News Twitter Account Hacked, Claims Obama Killed"

Kenyon Wallace, Toronto Star: "Amid shocking new revelations, British PM to order inquiry into phone-hacking scandal"

David Cutler, Reuters: "Timeline: New hacking revelations hit News Corp"

Sky News: "Murdoch: Phone Hacking Claims 'Deplorable'"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Today's Topic Links

Speech, Video Games and the Supreme Court

James Vicini, Reuters: Supreme Court strikes down Arizona campaign finance law

Jeff Francis, Online News Website: Supreme Court Sides with Video Games

Journalistic Credibility Re-emerges

Lymari Morales, Gallup: Americans Regain Some Confidence in Newspapers, TV News

Presidential Campaign Coverage: Too Much of the Same

Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post: Why Michele Bachmann is no Sarah Palin

Julian Brookes, Rolling Stone: Matt Taibbi on 'Batshit Crazy' Michele Bachman

Crowd Sourcing History

James Barron and David W. Dunlap, The New York Times: In Hours, Online Readers Identify Nazi Photographer