Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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WikiLeaks Gitmo Files Expose Media Divisions

The Guardian: "The Guantanamo Files"

The New York Times: "The Guantanamo Files"

London Daily Telegraph: "Guantanamo Files"

Tom Lasseter, McClatchy Newspapers: "Guantanamo secret files show U.S. often held innocent Afghans"

Peter Finn, The Washington Post: "WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11"

David Martin, CBS News: "WikiLeaks: al Qaeda watched towers burn"

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "Newly leaked documents show the ongoing travesty of Guantanamo"

Joe Coscarelli, The Village Voice: "U.S. Media Favoring Scary Side of Guantanamo Detainees Instead of American Screw-Ups"

J.D. Gordon, Fox News: "WikiLeaks Continues Its War on America -- Though Leaks Prove How Valuable Gitmo Is to the United States"

Al Pessin, Voice of America: "WikiLeaks Guantanamo Documents Show Complexity"

Joe Pompeo, Yahoo! News: "News orgs form reports, alliances around latest WikiLeaks docs"

Brian Stelter and Noam Cohen, The New York Times: "In WikiLeaks' Growth, Some Control is Lost"

Mark Thompson, Battleland blog, Time: "Competition Hyping WikiLeaks' Gitmo-Docs Dump?"

Ujala Sehgal, Media Bistro: "How the New York Times Forced Julian Assange to Give Up Guantanamo Bay Files"

Will, Kate and the Media Horde

Mimi Turner, The Hollywood Reporter: "NBC News Exec: Royal Wedding Is 'Biggest International Technical Buildout Ever'"

Peter Kafka, AllThingsDigital: "Sad Chart of the Day: American Web Surfers Care More Than Brits About Royal Wedding"

Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor: "Will and Kate publishing frenzy.  With everything from comic books to bodice rippers, publishers are hoping to cash in on Will and Kate's big day."

Updates, Briefly

Sunlen Miller and Devin Dwyer, ABC News: "President Obama Releases Birth Certificate to End Birther 'Silliness'"

Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times: "'Three Cups of Tea,' Spilled"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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2011 Pulitzers Honor Best "Print" Journalism

Eric Ernst, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: "Pulitzer board took notice, not lawmakers"

Jesse Eisinger and Jake Bernstein, ProPublica: "The Wall Street Money Machine"

Mark Johnson, Kathleen Gallagher, Gary Porter, Lou Saldivar and Alison Sherwood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "One In a Billion: A boy's life, a medical mystery" (Sherwood is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism)

Three Cups of Deception?

Steve Croft, 60 Minutes, CBS News: "Questions over Greg Mortenson's stories"

Jon Krakauer, Byliner Originals: "Three Cups of Deceipt"

Gail Schontzler, Bozeman Daily Chronicle: "Mortenson under fire from '60 Minutes' -- Bozeman philanthopist denies allegations"

Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times: "'Three Cups of Tea,' Spilled"

Koch Uses Google to Refute Story

John Aloysius Farrell, Center for Public Integrity: "Koch's web of influence"

Keach Hagey, Politico's On Media blog: "Koch buys ads claiming 'bias' in CPI story"

Koch Industries, Inc., "Responding to Slanted Journalism at the Center for Public Integrity" (Readers are taken to this page when they search Google for "Center for Public Integrity" and click on the first, sponsored link.)

U.S. News & World Report, John A. Farrell's opinion pieces for the publication.

Spencer MacColl, Center for Responsive Politics: "Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros"

HuffPo Lawsuit Rests on Questionable Theory

Matthew Ingram, GigaOm, Bloomberg Businessweek: "Arianna Huffington: Slave Owner or Crowdsourcing Pioneer?"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Enabling The Donald's Birther Blather

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Kevin Dolak and John Berman, ABC News: "Sarah Palin 'Appreciates' Donald Trump's 'Birther' Questions"

Open Records Debate: Alleged Intimidation in Wisconsin

Howard Schweber, Huffington Post: "Open Records Laws Go From Sunshine to Sunburn"

Editorial Board, The Washington Post: "Using open-records laws to harass scholars"

Charles Davis, The Art of Access blog: "See, This is the Kind of Stuff I Was Worried About..."

Innocence Advocate Guilty of Lying?

Dan Hinkel and Matthew Walberg, Chicago Tribune: "Northwestern says star journalism professor lied"

Freedom 43: Social Branding of Local TV News

Paul Greeley, The 24/7 Newsroom blog: "Stand up and Salute the News"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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This week's topic links

Tweets Put Sports Reporters On Hot Seat

Bernie Miklasz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "I am embarrassed and I apologize"

Eric Blumberg Off the Bench Twitter feed, KOMU-TV: "#Mizzou email I've seen"

David Briggs, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Some reporters burned by itchy Twitter fingers"

Greg Hall, KC Confidential blog: "OTC: Mizzou Gets Whitewashed by Painter & Twitter"

Little Faith in Haith

Columbia Missourian story collection: "Mike Anderson resigns; Missouri hires Frank Haith"

Joe Walljasper, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Alden sees what rest do not"

Jeff Gordon, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Tipsheet: Apparently, Frank Haith no chance"

Read multiple media reports and fan reaction on

Koran Burning and Media Behavior

Cathy Lynn Grossman, Faith and Reason blog, USA Today: "Should media have reported the Fla. Quran burning?"

Group Says TV Journalist an FBI Snitch

John Solomon and Aaron Mehta, The Center For Public Integrity: "Memo suggests FBI had mole inside ABC News in 1990s"

GE Paying No Taxes?
David Kocieniewski, The New York Times: "G.E.'s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether"

Allan Sloan and Jeff Gerth, Fortune: "Setting the Record Straight on GE's Taxes"