Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This week's topic links

WikiLeaks Gitmo Files Expose Media Divisions

The Guardian: "The Guantanamo Files"

The New York Times: "The Guantanamo Files"

London Daily Telegraph: "Guantanamo Files"

Tom Lasseter, McClatchy Newspapers: "Guantanamo secret files show U.S. often held innocent Afghans"

Peter Finn, The Washington Post: "WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11"

David Martin, CBS News: "WikiLeaks: al Qaeda watched towers burn"

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "Newly leaked documents show the ongoing travesty of Guantanamo"

Joe Coscarelli, The Village Voice: "U.S. Media Favoring Scary Side of Guantanamo Detainees Instead of American Screw-Ups"

J.D. Gordon, Fox News: "WikiLeaks Continues Its War on America -- Though Leaks Prove How Valuable Gitmo Is to the United States"

Al Pessin, Voice of America: "WikiLeaks Guantanamo Documents Show Complexity"

Joe Pompeo, Yahoo! News: "News orgs form reports, alliances around latest WikiLeaks docs"

Brian Stelter and Noam Cohen, The New York Times: "In WikiLeaks' Growth, Some Control is Lost"

Mark Thompson, Battleland blog, Time: "Competition Hyping WikiLeaks' Gitmo-Docs Dump?"

Ujala Sehgal, Media Bistro: "How the New York Times Forced Julian Assange to Give Up Guantanamo Bay Files"

Will, Kate and the Media Horde

Mimi Turner, The Hollywood Reporter: "NBC News Exec: Royal Wedding Is 'Biggest International Technical Buildout Ever'"

Peter Kafka, AllThingsDigital: "Sad Chart of the Day: American Web Surfers Care More Than Brits About Royal Wedding"

Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor: "Will and Kate publishing frenzy.  With everything from comic books to bodice rippers, publishers are hoping to cash in on Will and Kate's big day."

Updates, Briefly

Sunlen Miller and Devin Dwyer, ABC News: "President Obama Releases Birth Certificate to End Birther 'Silliness'"

Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times: "'Three Cups of Tea,' Spilled"

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