Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Views of the News, Aug. 25, 2010

Is WikiLeaks victim of a "smear campaign"? ... Jon Stewart squares off against Fox News in the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy ... and, animated news in China. Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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This week's topic links

WikiLeaks 'Smear Campaign'

Al Jazeera English: "Assange to fight molestation claim"

London Daily Mail: "Women who accused WikiLeaks founder of sex attacks deny they are part of Pentagon conspiracy"

Russia Today: "Undeterred by 'smear campaign," WikiLeaks founder announces new revelations"

WikiLeaks: "CIA Red Cell Memorandum on United States 'exporting terrorism," 2 Feb 2010"

Mosque Hypocrisy? Fox vs. Stewart

Fox News: "Ground Zero Mosque Imam: America Killed More Innocents Than Al Qaeda"

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: "August 23, 2010 -- Full Episode Video" (watch the opening bit)

Media Matters For America: "Who is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf?"

Alana Goodman, Culture and Media Institute: "The Real Moderate Islam: Media Ignore Muslim Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque"

Record Low for Couric's Cast

David Bauder, The Huffington Post: "'CBS Evening News' Ratings Hit Record Low During Katie Couric's Afghanistan Trip"

John Hamer, Washington News Council: "Ira Glass on broadcasting's 'failure of craft'"

Animating the News?

Christopher Shay, Time Magazine: "The Taiwan Company That's Turning News Into Cartoons"

The YouTube video of Next Media's Steven Slater cartoon

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Views of the News, Aug. 18, 2010

The First Amendment under the microscope: Dr. Laura leaves her radio under fire over her choice of words ... Fox News' parent company gives a million dollars to Republican congressional candidates ... protestors regain the right to demonstrate at military funerals ... and, Obama and the "Ground Zero mosque." Panelists: Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis, Lynda Kraxberger.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Views of the News, Aug. 11, 2010

Media coverage of a Columbia biker roundup ... a local newspaper's controversial online-comments policy ... surprising salaries at ProPublica ... and, the state of environmental reporting. Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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Today's Show

This week's topic links

Bikers Roundup: Hype vs. Reality

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Biking While Black: Economic boon or law enforcement bust?"

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Media Madness: Flip-flopping closes out National Biker Roundup"

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Detective Diatribe: Local columnist confirms police/biker email"

Columbia Missourian: their complete list of stories on the National Bikers Roundup

Jodie Jackson Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Biker roundup less crowded than expected"

Hank Waters, Columbia Daily Tribune: "The bikers: Now we know"

Commenting Will Cost You

Janese Silvey, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Measuring the Heat: They are supposed to engage readers in thoughtful debate, but some feel Tribune comments damage community dialogue."

Super Salaries at ProPublica

John Koblin and Zeke Turner, The New York Observer: "Shelling Out the Big Bucks at ProPublica"

ProPublica's 2009 IRS Form 990

Dan Gilmore, Mediactive: "Non-profit Media: What You Pay For (and Who Pays)"

Sun-Times: Scoop or Defamation?

Michael O'Brien, Chicago Sun-Times: "Prep star at center of storm: Attorneys for Kentuck, family deny recruiting improprieties"

Paul Skrbina,Chicago Tribune: "Attorney: Davises to sue Sun-Times"

ESPN: "Kentucky denies payment for recruit"

The State of Environmental Reporting

Society of Environmental Journalists: "Winners: SEJ 9th Annual Awards for Reporting on the Environment"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Views of the News, Aug. 4, 2010

Missouri primary-day coverage ... Christiane Amanpour's Sunday roundtable debut ... and, covering suicides. Panelists: Mike McKean, Byron Scott, Bob Priddy.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This week's topic links

August Primary Coverage

Some good sources for Missouri primary election reporting and analysis:

Columbia Missourian
Columbia Daily Tribune
Kansas City Star's Midwest Democracy Project
STLToday Government and Political News

Andrew Romano and Daniel Stone, Newsweek: "The Tea Party's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night"

Liz Sidoti, Associated Press: "Another incumbent down as Michigan Rep. loses"

Jessica Machetta, Missourinet: "Missourians Approve Prop C, the Health Care Freedom Act"

Kansas City Star editorial: "A hollow victory for Proposition C"

Jeff Lautenberger, Columbia Missourian: "Voter turnout higher than anticipated in primary election"

Nikki Tekkei, Columbia Missourian: "Winners in the state auditor primary election"

Virginia Young, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "St. Louis earnings tax measure makes state ballot in November"

Blood On Their Hands?

Declan McCullagh, "Wikileaks draws criticism, censorship threats"

Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai, Newsweek: "Taliban Seeks Vengeance in Wake of WikiLeaks"

BBC News: "Afghan leak: WikiLeaks' Assange denies 'blood on hands'"

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: "Julian Assange Responds to Increasing US Government Attacks on WikiLeaks"

CNN Wire: "MIT students helped WikiLeaks suspect, hacker says"

David Muir and Jessica Hopper, ABC News: "Who is Pvt. Bradley Manning?"

Associated Press: "Army Whistleblower Felt 'Isolated'"

Carly Carioli, Boston Phoenix: "British newspapers out alleged WikiLeaks source, a soldier, as being gay; Queer-bashing has already begun"

Amanpour's Sunday Debut

ABC Watch Christiane Amanpour's first outing as host of ABC's "This Week"

Tom Shales, The Washington Post: "Tom Shales reviews Christiane Amanpour's lackluster debut on ABC's 'This Week'"

Justin Elliott, Salon: "ABC whacks Shales over attack on Amanpour"

Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times: "A TV Host Challenges a Guest. That's News."

New Standards on Plagiarism?

Trip Gabriel, The New York Times: "Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age"

Covering Suicides

Bob Priddy, Missourinet Blog: "Reporting a sensitive issue: Suicide"

RTDNA: "Guidelines for Reporting on a Suicide"