Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This week's topic links

Bikers Roundup: Hype vs. Reality

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Biking While Black: Economic boon or law enforcement bust?"

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Media Madness: Flip-flopping closes out National Biker Roundup"

Mike Martin, Columbia Heart Beat: "Detective Diatribe: Local columnist confirms police/biker email"

Columbia Missourian: their complete list of stories on the National Bikers Roundup

Jodie Jackson Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Biker roundup less crowded than expected"

Hank Waters, Columbia Daily Tribune: "The bikers: Now we know"

Commenting Will Cost You

Janese Silvey, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Measuring the Heat: They are supposed to engage readers in thoughtful debate, but some feel Tribune comments damage community dialogue."

Super Salaries at ProPublica

John Koblin and Zeke Turner, The New York Observer: "Shelling Out the Big Bucks at ProPublica"

ProPublica's 2009 IRS Form 990

Dan Gilmore, Mediactive: "Non-profit Media: What You Pay For (and Who Pays)"

Sun-Times: Scoop or Defamation?

Michael O'Brien, Chicago Sun-Times: "Prep star at center of storm: Attorneys for Kentuck, family deny recruiting improprieties"

Paul Skrbina,Chicago Tribune: "Attorney: Davises to sue Sun-Times"

ESPN: "Kentucky denies payment for recruit"

The State of Environmental Reporting

Society of Environmental Journalists: "Winners: SEJ 9th Annual Awards for Reporting on the Environment"