Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Views of the News, May 27, 2009

Coverage of the Sotomayor nomination ... reaction to the cancellation of "Pepper and Friends" ... and, another perspective on the future of the newspaper industry. Panelists: Rod Gelatt, Lynda Kraxberger, Esther Thorson.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Views of the News, May 20, 2009

The newspaper business fares poorly in a consumer satisfaction survey ... a Maureen Dowd plagiarism flap ... and, should the same subpoena restrictions apply to bloggers as to traditional journalists? Panelists: Mike McKean, Charles Davis, Esther Thorson.

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This week's topic links

Jon Fine, Business Week, "Newspapers: Less Liked Than Airlines?"

American Customer Satisfaction Index: "Scores By Industry"

Esther Thorson/RJI: "How Newspapers Could Have Saved Themselves and How Some Still Can"

Jack Shafer, "Maureen Dowd's Next Step"

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo: "Very Briefly in Dowd"

Howard Kurtz, Media Backtalk live chat: Two readers question Kurtz on Dowd.

Kelly McBride, Poynter Institute ethicist: "Dowd Could Learn from the 'Retweet' Ethic, Giving Credit Where it's Due"

Eric Zorn, Change of Subject blog, Chicago Tribune: "Borrowed wisdom can be OK. Borrowed words...never."

Robert Kelly, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Judge says Alton Telegraph must disclose two who posted online"

Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle: "Student present at slaying invokes shield law"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Views of the News, May 13, 2009

NPR censors an online review of a documentary that tries to "out" non-gay-friendly politicians ... coverage of the Roxana Saberi case vs. that of imprisoned non-American journalists ... and, does Souter's retirement open the doors to cameras in the Supreme Court? Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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This week's topic links

NOT discussed on-air but worth reading;

Victor Pickard, Josh Stearns & Craig Aaron, "Saving the News: Toward a National Journalism Strategy"

Lauren Rich Fine, "Non-For-Profit Isn't a Business Model For Newspapers"

David Kaplan, "New Study Probes What Readers Will Pay For Beyond Financial News"

PriceWaterhouseCoopers: "Moving into multiple business models: outlook for newspaper publishing in the Digital Age"

Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times: "Few TV Reports on Audience Flight"

On the show today:

Zach Baron, The Village Voice: "NPR Censors Its Own Review of Outrage, Cites 'Old-Fashioned' and Quite Possibly Dishonest Policy"

Dan Zak, The Washington Post: "'Outrage' Drags Politics' Conservative Wingtips Out of the Closet"

Beth Reinhard, The Miami Herald: "New film doesn't 'out' Gov. Crist"

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "Roxana Saberi's plight and American media propaganda"

David Mark, Politico: "New push to bring cameras in Supreme Court"

James Rainey, Los Angeles Times; "Thomas L. Friedman and the high cost of speaking"

Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Alumni Try to Rewrite History on College-Newspaper Web Sites"

Beverly G. Rivera, Columbia Missourian: "School of Journalism to require iPod touch or iPhone for students"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Views of the News, May 6, 2009

Questions about a Pentagon report about a PR program, and about the White House's use of Flickr ... consolidation, cost-cutting, and controversy in Chicago newsrooms ... and, Anna Quindlen retires. Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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This week's topic links

David Barstow, The New York Times: "Inspector at Pentagon Says Report Was Flawed" "The Official White House Photostream's photostream"

Robert Gavin and Keith O'Brien, Boston Globe: "Globe, guild reach deal"

Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune: "Chicago Tribune admits 'breach': Chicago Tribune halts project that let readers view unpublished story outlines"

Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune: "WMAQ-TV, WFLD-TV, WBBM-TV and WGN-TV to share raw news video"

Gina Damron, Detroit Free Press: "Free Press, WWJ to launch TV show"

Stryker McGuire, The Daily Beast: "Murdoch's Secret Plan to Charge for Content"

Anna Quindlen, Newsweek: "Stepping Aside: Three big binders bring a message from a new generation about the future of the news business"