Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Views of the News, Apr. 29, 2009

Is media coverage of "swine flu" appropriately level-headed and informative? ... victim privacy in the age of YouTube ... and, do journalism awards matter to consumers? Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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Today's show links

Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post: "A Fierce Outbreak of Swine Flu Coverage"

Sue Zeidler and Steve Gorman, Reuters: "Swine flu gets big does of American media coverage"

Tim Arango and Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "Media Drumbeat Amplifies Coverage of Flu Outbreak"

Phillip Reeves, NPR: "Pakistan Investigates Girl's Flogging by Taliban"

Alicia Shepard, NPR Ombudsman: "Should NPR Have Aired a Young Girl's Screams?"

Jessica Bennett, Newsweek: "A Tragedy That Won't Fade Away: When grisly images of their daughter's death went viral on the Internet, the Catsouras family decided to fight back"

Marion Geiger, "Online Journalism in the Pulitzers: could it raise the bar?"

Roy Harris, Jr., The Christian Science Monitor: "How e-Pulitzers can elevate journalism"

Robert Gavin, The Boston Globe: "Lawmakers issue call to preserve the Globe"

Robert McMillan, Reuters: "New York Times, guild in tentative pay cut deal: memo"

Jennifer Saba, Editor & Publisher: "New FAS-FAX Shows (More) Steep Circulation Losses"

Kase Wickman, The Daily Free Press (Boston University): "BU hiding papers is nothing new"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Views of the News, Apr. 22, 2009

A laid-off investigative reporter wins a Pulitzer ... the effect of Craigslist on print classifieds ... and, a look at coverage of the release of Bush-era interrogation memos. Panelists: Lee Wilkins, Stephanie Craft, Clyde Bentley.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Views of the News, April 15, 2009

Are conservative "tea parties" getting the coverage they deserve? ... AP seeks more control over its online content ... and, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist resigns after "pay-to-play" questions arise. Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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Media Matters for America made a coverage montage of the Fox News promoted tea parties:

This week's topic links

MSNBC FirstRead: "First Thoughts: Tea Time"

Fox News "Fox Forum" blog: "Note to the Media -- Just Do Your Job and Cover the Tea Parties"

Official Site of the Tax Day Tea Party organizers

Kansas City Star "Prime Buzz" site: "Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine? A Tea Party Day debate"

Henry Blodget's Business Insider blog: "Steve Brill to Save Newspapers"

Ryan Tate on Gawker: "Why Newspapers Shouldn't Buy What Steven Brill is Selling"

The New York Times: "Associated Press Seeks More Control of Content on Web"

Maureen Dowd in the New York Times: "Dinosaur at the Gate" -- her conversation with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Media Bistro's FishbowlDC feed: "The Washington Times A-Section Debuts Citizen Journalism"

Riverfront Times: "Post-Dispatch Put Sylvester Brown on Paid Leave over Alleged Pay-to-Play, Till Today When He Said, See Ya"

The Post-Dispatch statement (as posted on Poynter Online)

KBIA and KOMU win regional Murrow Awards for small market radio and TV

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Views of the News, Apr. 8, 2009

The Wall Street Journal thrives online as print periodicals suffer ... The New York Times seeks user-generated content ... and, soldier funerals find their way back into the media. Panelists: Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis, Margaret Duffy.

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Trends in the Ad Industry: Counter Commercials

A recent anti-smoking campaign is causing heated discussion about behavioral advertising. Here is coverage of the campaign on the Today Show.

Another "counter commercial" battle took place between Ameren and opponents of the company's plan to fund a nuclear power plant.

"Say NO to Ameren Raising Your Rates"

Ameren's Response Ads