Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's show links

Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post: "A Fierce Outbreak of Swine Flu Coverage"

Sue Zeidler and Steve Gorman, Reuters: "Swine flu gets big does of American media coverage"

Tim Arango and Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "Media Drumbeat Amplifies Coverage of Flu Outbreak"

Phillip Reeves, NPR: "Pakistan Investigates Girl's Flogging by Taliban"

Alicia Shepard, NPR Ombudsman: "Should NPR Have Aired a Young Girl's Screams?"

Jessica Bennett, Newsweek: "A Tragedy That Won't Fade Away: When grisly images of their daughter's death went viral on the Internet, the Catsouras family decided to fight back"

Marion Geiger, "Online Journalism in the Pulitzers: could it raise the bar?"

Roy Harris, Jr., The Christian Science Monitor: "How e-Pulitzers can elevate journalism"

Robert Gavin, The Boston Globe: "Lawmakers issue call to preserve the Globe"

Robert McMillan, Reuters: "New York Times, guild in tentative pay cut deal: memo"

Jennifer Saba, Editor & Publisher: "New FAS-FAX Shows (More) Steep Circulation Losses"

Kase Wickman, The Daily Free Press (Boston University): "BU hiding papers is nothing new"

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