Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Alan said...

I want to point out up front that I am no fan of Bachmann; in fact I am a progressive Democrat who will be voting for Obama in 2012. But I thought you were too quick to dismiss the concerns that have been expressed about Merck's Gardasil. Mightn't you have been equally dismissive a decade ago if someone was the canary in the coal mine warning about Vioxx, Merck's previous blockbuster product? Seems like Merck needed a new revenue stream and for pennies on the dollar, got Perry to order one up at taxpayer expense (even though Perry was notoriously stingy otherwise when it came to funding Medicaid).

I'm honestly disappointed that all of you would be so unwilling to question the agenda of a Big Pharma corporation who already has killed thousands of people in a quest for profit above principle and prudence.