Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This week's topic links

Irene Coverage: Hype or Help?

Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor: "Category 5 hype: Did nonstop coverage of hurricane Irene save lives?"

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "A Hurricane of Hype"

Jamie Dupree, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Hurricane Relief Politics"

Alysia Santo, Columbia Journalism Review: "After Irene: How a Hyperlocal is Helping"

Out of Hiding

David Green, NPR: "BBC's 'Tripoli Witness' Comes Out of Hiding"

Rana Jawad, BBC News: "'Tripoli witness' recounts life in hiding"

Trust, Don't Verify

Jessica Smith, KOMU-TV: "IBM Refuses to Release Hiring Information"

Jacob Barker, Columbia Daily Tribune: "IBM shows off new facility: Firm is mum on workforce size."

Kris Hilgedick, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Officials quiet on IBM opening: Company won't say how many are hired."

Molly Bullock, Columbia Missourian: "Nixon, IBM executive talk jobs at ceremony"

Dave Griggs (Chairman of REDI, Inc.), Columbia Daily Tribune: "Cooperation drives positive opportunities"

Jodie Jackson, Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Union group claims IBM jobs 'shifted'"

Jodie Jackson, Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune: "Troubled Waters"

George Kennedy, Columbia Missourian: "IBM 'public hearing' mix of mutual congratulation, unanswered questions"

PR Newswire: "Dubuque, Iowa and IBM Combine Analytics, Cloud Computing and Community Engagement to Conserve Water"

Mike Glover, Associated Press: "President Obama brings rural economic development message to prosperous corner of Iowa"

Outing Jobs' Successor

Felix Salmon, Reuters: "Don't ignore Tim Cook's sexuality"

Ken Fisher, Ars Technica: "Does the press have an ethical duty to out powerful gays in tech?"

Nicholas Jackson, The Atlantic: "To Be the Most Powerful Gay Man in Tech, Cook Needs to Come Out"

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