Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Views of the News, March 18, 2009

A report on "the state of the news media" ... another major city's print newspaper folds ... and, Jon Stewart takes on Jim Cramer. Panelists: Mike McKean, Lee Wilkins, Charles Davis.

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john said...

Good show. On the issue of local newspapers and their financial woes, I think there is a two-fold problem. First, newspapers rely on a financial model of a full subscription and aren't used to selling the news on an alacart basis. At the same time, comsumers are just now getting used to the idea of having to pay for online content. While we are used to getting lots of news online free, I for one am getting tired of weak journalism found on many sites. I think there is a place for alacart journalism. Apple this week announced iphone software 3.0. One of the features is the further sale from software sold. So for example you could sell the missourian software for little or nothing then further sell content after that. you could sell issues, or sections, or individual articles. 5 years ago I would have had difficulty accepting this model, but after buying songs for .99 on iTunes, I've come to accept small payments. I think the newspapers are going to have to go this way and back off from the full subscription. People are not going to pay for the whole year. It will also required the newspaper to put out quality content people want to buy.