Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week's topic links

Who's Fit to Cover Government?

Michelle Hagopian, Columbia Missourian: "Missouri News Horizon denied House gallery access"

Dan K. Thomasson, The Millford Daily News: "Disrespect for the press"

Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri, Washington Examiner: "Arianna huffs about overbooked celebs at WHCD" (White House Correspondents Dinner)

Howard Kurtz, Washington Post: "CBS spreads Supreme Court rumor"

James Rainey, Los Angeles Times: "On the Media: KCBS ads masquerade as news"

Watch one of the KBCS videos mentioned in the Rainey column.

Project for Excellence in Journalism: "Hiding in Plain Sight, From Kennedy to Brown"

MU Student Wins YouTube Award

YouTube Project: Report Grand Prize Winners (including MU J-student Alex Rozier)

Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting (partner in YouTube reporting project)

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