Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This week's topic links

BP Harassing Reporters?

Stephen Engelberg, "Photographer Briefly Detained by Police Near BP's Texas City Refinery"

Ryan Knutson, "BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout"

Wendy McElroy, Gizmodo: "Are Cameras the New Guns?"

Cop Punished for Outing Protester

Brennan David, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Comment leads to punishment: Officer posted on online news story"

Gannett Blog: "Gannett confirms comment moderation switch"

Profanity on NPR

Alicia Shepard, NPR Ombudsman: "Taking the Lord's Name In Vain"

Frank Lockwood, Bible Belt Blogger: "NPR Ombudsman endorses Exodus 20:7"

Who'll Replace the King?

Matea Gold and Yvonne Villareal, The Los Angeles Times: "Larry King calls it quits"

Tom Shales, The Washington Post: "Larry King's exit marks the end of a gentlemanly era in TV talk"

Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post: "Howard Kurtz on timing of Larry King's retirement, successor"

Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post: "Bring on Katie Couric to enliven Larry King's gig"

Media Criticism from 2137

Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "Reporting What the Public Wants to See 127 Years From Now"

Onion News Network: Download "Future: News from the Year 2137" from iTunes ($1.99)

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