Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This week's topic links

Beck by the Numbers

Alex Sundby, CBS News: "Glenn Beck Rally Attracts Estimated 87,000"

Michael Calderone, Yahoo! News: "Glenn Beck rally sparks debate over crowd size"

Kevin Allocca, TVNewser: "Cable News Ratings: Saturday Glenn Beck Rally Coverage"

Times vs. Teachers

Los Angeles Times: "Grading the Teachers: Value-Added Analysis" (landing page for their entire series)

Los Angeles Times: FAQ & About Los Angeles Teacher Ratings"

Jack Shafer, Slate: "The L.A. Times Flunks L.A. Schoolteachers"

Neal Conan, Talk of the Nation transcript, NPR: "Teacher Performance Data Stirs Evaluation Debate"

Reporter Punished for Twitter Hoax

The Huffington Post: "Mike Wise Suspended from Washington Post for Tweet"

Mike Florio, NBC Sports ProFootballTalk blog: "Mike Wise admits to Big Ben hoax, offers lame explanation"

Vegas Paper Sues "Mom & Pops"

David Kravets, "Newspaper Chain's New Business Plan: Copyright Suits"

Steven Green, Las Vegas Sun: "Why we are writing about the R-J copyright lawsuits"

Ads that Follow You

Miguel Helft and Tanzina Vega, The New York Times: "Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites"

CU J-School on the Ropes?

Tom McGhee, Denver Post: "It's a wrap for CU's journalism school in current form"

Michael Roberts, Denver Westword education blog: "CU journalism school possible-closure headlines went from premature to inaccurate, dean says"

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