Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This week's topic links

The 'Imperious' Julian Assange

Assange walks out of CNN interview

John F. Burns and Ravi Somaiya, The New York Times: "WikiLeaks Founder on the Run, Trailed by Notoriety"

Glenn Greenwald, "The Nixonian henchmen of today: at the NYT"

Michael Calderone, Yahoo! News: "NY Times reporter defends profile of WikiLeaks' Assange"

The Reputations of Juan Williams and NPR

Fox News Sunday discusses Juan Williams firing (watch from 24:00-34:45)

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "NPR's Juan Williams Disaster"

Alicia Shepard, NPR Ombudsman: "NPR's Firing of Juan Williams Was Poorly Handled"

Dave Zirin, The Nation: "Should NPR have Fired Juan Williams? You Betcha"

Eric Boehlert, Media Matters For America: "Three reasons NPR's Mara Liasson shouldn't be on Fox News"

Stephen F. Hayes, The Weekly Standard: "Is Nina Totenberg Next? NPR's legal affairs correspondent frequently expresses her pro-Democratic opinion."

Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times Opinion piece: "Taking the public out of NPR"

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: "NPR receives bomb threat, timing suggests link to Juan Williams firing"

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Must-See TV: Obama Visits Daily Show

Michael D. Shear, The New York Times: "Obama to 'Daily Show' as Campaign Nears End"

Joshua Greenman, New York Daily News: "Barack Obama's dumb 'Daily Show' Jon Stewart appearance and the President's diminishing brand"

Michael Schaffer, Washington City Paper: "Washington City Paper Staff Memo on Stewart/Colbert Rallies"

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