Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This week's topic links

Missouri Follows National GOP Trend

Joe Yerardi and Scott Kanowsky, Columbia Missourian: "Blunt rides Republican wave to victory in U.S. Senate race"

Kiki Schmitz and Michael Langenberg, Columbia Missourian: "Skelton concedes defeat in 4th District upset"

Will Guldin, Columbia Missourian: "Robb edges Christianson for Boone County presiding commissioner"

Associated Press (via STLToday): "GOP expands majority in Mo. Legislature"

Tasers and Puppy Mills

Dan Claxton, Columbia Missourian: "Taser issue voted down"

Jason Noble, Kansas City Star: "Limit on dog breeders narrowly passes"

Virginia Young, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Prop A winning handily; dog breeder regulations passing, but close"

National Media Focus on Tea Party

Brian Stelter, New York Times: "In News Coverage, Tea Party and Its 'New Personalities' Hold the Spotlight"

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "A Democratic Bloodbath"

Columbia Journalism Review: "Election Night Coverage Roundup"

James Poniewozik, Time: "Midterm Media Do the Wave"

Impact of 'Big Money'

Wall Street Journal Opinion: "Campaign-Finance Reform, RIP"

Zach Carter, AlterNet: "Campaign Cash: Citizens United Becomes Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card for Corporate Criminals"

Stewart's "Flaming Ants" Critique of Cable News

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
Jon Stewart - Moment of Sincerity
Rally to Restore Sainty and/or FearThe Daily ShowThe Colbert Report

Alex Pareene, "Jon Stewart's media critique annoys the media"

Rich Lowry, National Review: "Keep Smug Alive"

David Carr, New York Times: "Rally to Shift the Blame"

Alex Weprin, TV Newser: "Keith Olbermann Benches 'Worst Person in the World' Segment after 'Sanity' Rally Speech"

True Crime & False Facts from CBS News

Kevin Hayes, CBS News Crimesider (from the producers of 48 Hours Mystery): "Missouri Hospital Shooting: Police Search for Gunman, Hospital Locked Down" -- story still uncorrected online one week after original post.

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