Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week's topic links

Assange Jailed, WikiLeaks Scrambling

Clive Coleman, BBC: "Q&A: Arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange"

Massimo Calabresi, Time: "Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War"

Daily Mail: "WikiLeaks hails 'cyberwar' after hackers bring down MasterCard over donations ban"

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: "From Jefferson to Assange"

Matthew Ingram, Giga Om: "Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity"

Michael Calderone, The Cutline Blog, Yahoo! News: "Some news outlets stop calling WikiLeaks a 'whistle-blower'"

Tunku Varadarajan, The Daily Beast: "What Does Julian Assange Want?"

Senator Diane Feinstein, Wall Street Journal: "Prosecute Assange Under the Espionage Act"

Lee Smith, The Weekly Standard: "Deadly Gossip: The culture of leaking grows to ominous proportions"

Julian Assange, The Australian: "Don't shoot the messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths"

Do Not Track: Should DC Intervene?

Cecilia Kang, The Washington Post: "FTC pitches do-not-track system to let consumers opt out of Web data collection"

Room For Debate, The New York Times: "A 'Do Not Call' Registry for the Web?"

Recipe Worthy of Diversity Complaint?

Janese Silvey, Columbia Daily Tribune: "'Kung Pao Kitten' recipe deemed inappropriate"

Aimee Levitt, Riverfront Times: "Apropos of Nothing: Mizzou Med School Docs Don't Really Eat Kung Pao Kitten"

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