Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This week's topic links

Weiner: Pay for Play, Sophomoric Headlines & Media Sanctimony

Julie Moos, "ABC's Chris Cuomo defends checkbook journalism: 'It is the state of play right now'"

The Daily Beast: "The Week's Best Weiner Headlines" "Weiner's Bad Week is the No. 1 Story"

Ray Gustini, National Journal: "Anthony Weiner Should Also Apologize to Scott Pelley"

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "The Media's Selective Sex Scandal Savagery"

John Hudson, The Atlantic: "Howard Kurtz, Media Critic vs. Howard Kurtz, Bureau Chief"

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo: "Anthony Weiner, Anti-Hero"

TMZ: "Rep. Weiner Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop"

Nancy Grace vs. Casey Anthony

Margery Eagan, Boston Herald: "The mother of all lurid trials"

Brian Stelter, New York Times: "Casey Anthony Coverage Gives HLN an Identity"

Sarah Anne Hughes, Washington Post: "Casey Anthony and the media coverage of her appearance"

The Internet and Local News

Federal Communications Commission ( "Information Needs of Communities"

Jeremy W. Peters and Brian Stelter, New York Times: "A Federal Study Finds That Local Reporting Has Waned"

Katy Bachman, AdWeek: "Left Blasts FCC Report While Right Applauds"

Jessica Clark, PBS MediaShift: "FCC Report on Media Offers Strong Diagnosis, Weak Prescriptions"

Wall Street Journal Editorial: "The FCC's Good Deed"

Crowd-sourcing Palin

Mike Baker, Associated Press: "Palin emails let old media test new media methods"

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