Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This week's topic links

Room for Rock Center?

David Carr, The New York Times: "NBC Anchor Broadens His Portfolio"

Lisa de Moraes, The Washington Post: "Ted Koppel added to NBC's 'Rock Center with Brian Williams'"

Kathi Goertzen, KOMO-TV: "Ted Koppel: Broadcast news becoming 'degrading' to Americans"

David Bauder, Associated Press: "New life in television's evening news"

Measuring "Positive" and "Negative" News Coverage

KeachHagey, Politico: "Pew: Media not in love with Obama"

Pew Research Center's Project For Excellence in Journalism: "How News Media and Blogs Have Eyed the Presidential Contenders During the First Phase of the 2012 Race"

Newspapers Up, Down or In Between?

Larry Kilman, World Association of Newspapers: "World Press Trends: Newspapers Still Reach More Than Internet"

Steve Myers and Jeff Sonderman, "New York Times' buyouts, contract negotiations show newsroom shift to Web"

Chris Reidy, " launches as a subscription-only website tomorrow"

Martin Peers, The Wall Street Journal: "News Corp. Braces for Flak"

Sports Journalism Under the Microscope in Boston

Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic: "Inside Baseball: The Boston Red Sox and Sports Journalism"

Bob Hohler, Boston Globe: "Inside the Collapse"