Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Campaign Grab Bag

Friends and family have been asking me this week, "Does John McCain want to win if he has to win THAT way?" You know, guilt by association, blaming the media, overheated rallies. We'll get a hint at tonight's debate since I assume Bob Schieffer will give him an opening to discuss William Ayers and "palling around with terrorists." Of course, Hillary Clinton raised Ayers, Reverend Wright and the like during the primaries. Some in the media hammered her for it, but nothing like the scorn some journalists and commentators are heaping on McCain.

It's encouraging, on the other hand, to see a little balanced reporting on the controversy involving Obama's connections to ACORN, the group that's apparently committed voter registration fraud in several swing states. If the margins Obama is racking up in the polls hold, that fraud probably won't affect the outcome of the election. But who knows? I particularly like CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin's digging into the ACORN story:

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