Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"That One"

The cable news analysts were desperate for a "hook" after last night's presidential debate in Nashville. As Charles notes below, the town hall format -- if you want to call it that -- didn't generate much real news. Too restricted. Too rehearsed. Boring. And in a phrase I'm really getting tired of, the pundits agreed it wasn't a "game changer."

So what to talk about all night? How about McCain, while answering a question about energy policy, referring to Obama as "that one?" Huh? The TV analysts tried to read all kinds of things into that admittedly weird reference to McCain's colleague in the U.S. Senate. Was "that one" proof that McCain was talking like a really old guy? Or was it a sinister attempt to reinforce the new message from the McCain camp that Obama is "not like the rest of us?"

I suspect McCain's tongue just got a split second ahead of his brain. What do you think? Didn't see the reference or want to see it again? Here's the YouTube clip courtesy of CNN.

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