Monday, January 26, 2009

Even More Good News: Fact-Challenged Kristol Out at NYT

Wow, it's like Christmas for a progressive journalist who worries a bit about little things like factual veracity: the most fact-challened of the New York Times' op-ed columnists, William Kristol, is taking his propaganda show to the Post.

Don't know what this says about the Post, but I am imagining the Times got tired of running corrections for a column that only had one theme (conservatism good; all else is terror) the whole time anyway.

I think the Washingtonian has it about right:

It's hard to overstate what an embarrassment this was from the start. Not only was Kristol's writing pedestrian and predictable, but he had an unfortunate habit of making obvious factual mistakes, which necessitated frequent corrections. Indeed, at last count, Kristol prompted four corrections in one year -- though, if you want to get picky about it, one of the four included two separate factual errors in the same column, which would bring the total to five.

And that's just counting the demonstrable errors of fact. Errors of judgment were found in practically every piece.

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