Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Links to this weeks discussion topics

Blagojevich is skipping his impeachment trial on Monday, perhaps assuming he'll have better luck in the court of public opinion.

TechCrunch says YouTube will soon allow content providers to put ads on their content — regardless of who uploaded it.

Do you think the "in the tank" criticism that was leveled at MSNBC was fair? And do you think the image of the network has been resuscitated post-election?

We have opinionated people on MSNBC in that role in primetime. I don't think that is a systemic point of view. NBC News as an organization is not influenced by those passionate, opinionated people that we have on the air.

An interesting collection of how various news outlets are covering the Obama administration's stimulus

Citigroup will not take possession of new aircraft

Wikipedia may make itself harder to edit

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