Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This week's topic links

No cartoons in book about cartoons

John Christoffersen, The Associated Press: "Yale criticized for nixing Muslim cartoons in book"

SCOTUS hears campaign finance case

Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio: "High Court Weighs Upending Campaign-Money Rules"

Mortally wounded Marine photo

Alfred de Montesquiou and Julie Jacobson, The Associated Press: "Calm -- then sudden death in Afghan war"

David Bauder, The Associated Press: "AP picture of wounded Marine sparks debate"

Raid frees captured journalist

"Fan can" flap revisited and extended

Janese Heavin, Columbia Tribune: "Barware a different side of can flap"

Janese Heavin, Columbia Tribune: "MU launches drink-control effort"

Janese Heavin, Columbia Tribune: "Campus group acts as sober chauffeurs"

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