Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This week's topic links

Terrorist arrests

Roman Polanski arrested

Howard Kurtz, Washington Post: "Roman History"

Robert Marquand, Christian Science Monitor: "Free Roman Polanski? Case shows US-France cultural divide"

Dueling health care polls

Adam Nagourney and Dalia Sussman, New York Times: "Public Wary of Obama on War and Health"

NYT slow on ACORN story

Clark Hoyt (The Public Editor), New York Times: "Tuning In Too Late"

Lachlan Markay, NewsBusters/Media Research Center: "NYT Tries to Deflect Charges of Bias, Announces 'Opinion Media' Editor"

Which journalists deserve to be shielded?

Zachary Seward, Nieman Journalism Lab: "Shield law: Definition of 'journalist' gets professionalized"

Other items of interest

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