Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This week's topic links

Attracting News Grazers

Project for Excellence in Journalism: "Understanding the Participatory News Consumer"

Mags Do Less Fact-Checking Online

Victor Navasky with Evan Lerner, Columbia Journalism Review: "Magazines and Their Websites"

Trib Comments Wiped Clean

Janese Heavin, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Candidate has online profile cut"

Tracy Greever-Rice, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Benign intent behind profile removal"

Daniel Cailler, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Kespohl refuses to claim e-mail"

Hank Waters, Columbia Daily Tribune: "The e-trail: Wanting to erase those digital tracks"

Edwards Love Child = Pulitzer?

John Timpane, The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Pulitzer for the National Enquirer?"

Summarizing Health Care Summit Coverage

Follow-up to Last Week's Scientology Story

Scott Finn, WUSF: "Scientology Hires Reporters to Investigate St. Petersburg Times" (includes audio interviews with Scientology spokesman, the paper's executive editor and professor Steve Weinberg)

Matt Stroud, True/Slant: "More from investigative reporter who chose to work with 'hostile' Scientologists" (includes email between Stroud and Weinberg)

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